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With over 20 million Americans living with substance use disorder, we’re on a mission to help as many people as we can. The Phoenix is building a vibrant community of people in recovery with support, hope, and resilience. As a Phoenix volunteer, you can be an invaluable part of making that happen!

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Volunteers are central to impacting those in recovery.

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FEATURED OPPORTUNITIES: Become a Leader or Supporter

As an Event Leader or Supporter, you’ll share the talents and activities you’re most passionate about with existing or new Phoenix team members. From starting a walking event to leading a book club, you can bring The Phoenix to your community.

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Steps to Start Your Phoenix Volunteer Journey

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Download the Phoenix App & Attend an Event

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Train up & support or lead your first event

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Volunteer FAQs

Who can volunteer?

Anyone! We are a strong team because our staff and volunteers come from many backgrounds and communities and have diverse abilities and skills. There are no fees or costs to volunteer. Phoenix volunteers are peers who have lived experiences in recovery, those considering sobriety, and allies to the sober community. The Phoenix employs staff and is served by volunteers who have previously been incarcerated and have criminal records. We prefer to hold events in spaces that are wheelchair accessible locations and located near public transportation whenever possible.

What kinds of events or classes can I lead or support? What about non-fitness events?

Options are endless. The Phoenix hosts both fitness and non-fitness based events. Non-fitness events include coffee socials, meditation, arts & crafts, board games night, and more. We do our best to pair volunteers up to support and lead events that fall within their interests, abilities, and skills. Consider zero barrier events when getting started which are activities that don’t require a certification, equipment, or resources such as: walking, running, hiking, meditation, and social events like book clubs, coffee meetups, game nights, and music. Other activities that generally do require materials, equipment, and/or a dedicated space might include: arts and crafts, team sports, boxing, camping, fitness classes, yoga, mountain or road biking, watersports, snow sports, and rock climbing. Have something else in mind? Fantastic! Phoenix activities come in all different varieties, and we invite you to share your ideas with us. Aligning with our Guiding Principle of fostering a healing culture, we thoughtfully support events that can be done safely and are welcoming and inclusive to all abilities. Activities really catch on when people can participate on a regular basis. Let us know what activity you have in mind during your onboarding journey.

Are there short-term volunteer options?

Yes! We have both short and long term volunteers opportunities! Our supporter volunteers serve in different capacities from 1 month to 6 months at a time. See “Featured Opportunities” listed on the webpage to learn more about volunteer opportunities with The Phoenix.

I’m a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Is The Phoenix a safe space for me?

Yes. We strive to make The Phoenix a safe space for everyone, including the LGBTQIA+ community. Any language or conduct that could be perceived as homophobic will not be tolerated at Phoenix events. We host an LGBQTQIA+ group on The Phoenix App and celebrate Pride month with special events and programs.

I’d like to volunteer, but don’t want to lead events. How else can I serve?

Phoenix volunteers can serve as event supporters. Supporters serve in a variety of capacities, such as helping with event set-up and breakdown, welcoming and registering event attendees, promoting events throughout the community, and helping to bring the Phoenix to new communities. Here are specific examples of serving as a Support volunteer: Event Concierge- Warmly welcome and check volunteers into events to make sure each participant is included and counted! Event Assistant- Set up or break down equipment to help with general event needs. Community Ambassador- Share Phoenix events across your community, from social media to flyers to listservs, so more people get to experience the gift of The Phoenix. Community Organizer- Connect diverse communities to The Phoenix to ensure that our events resonate with communities historically underserved by the recovery movement.

There are no Phoenix activities where I live. How can I bring the Phoenix to my hometown as a volunteer?

Bringing the Phoenix to your area is a great way to serve your community. You can get started by attending a Phoenix event virtually and downloading the App. Once you are trained up, we are ready to support your efforts in making connections and bringing the Phoenix to life in your community.

What training and support can I expect from the Phoenix?

Our virtual onboarding will give you an understanding of the Phoenix's mission, how to lead or support safe and inclusive events, and tools to help you build community. You will have dedicated guidance every step of the way in your onboarding journey. Once onboarded, you will receive continued support from Phoenix staff and volunteers who are available for any challenges or creative ideas that you might have. We also pay for your (optional) CPR/First Aid certification once you’ve been onboarded! Interested? Let us know!

How long does onboarding take? And, is there a background check?

Roughly 1-2 days. We are committed to making your onboarding experience as smooth and fast as possible! Depending on your motivation and availability, you can zoom through in just a few hours. Or, you may wish to take your time and finish over a few days. Once you’ve watched a few videos and answered some questions, (~15-20 minutes) we ask to run a background check. This is run by Checkr, and compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and your info is kept confidential. Background checks can take a few hours to a few days, depending on the county in which you reside. Having a criminal record does not disqualify you from volunteering. In the meantime, you’ll schedule a Launch Call to chat with a Phoenix onboarding specialist who will put the final touches on your onboarding experience. (30 minutes)

Are there any fees I need to pay before volunteering?

Nope. There are no costs associated with volunteering for The Phoenix except 48 hours of sobriety when you attend, support, or lead events. Since volunteers are ambassadors in this movement, the Phoenix provides you with swag to demonstrate the value and importance of your role.

What if I don’t have a Smartphone?

We believe in empowering volunteers to create life changing Phoenix experiences for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Moving the volunteer experience to the mobile App places the tools volunteers need in their hands. If you don’t have a smart phone, we are committed to meeting you where you are at. First, attend a Phoenix event or class. Then let a Phoenix rep know and we’ll be there to help.

Can I lead events on the virtual platform?

Not at this time. An alternative option is to use The Phoenix Virtual and On Demand classes by gathering a group of people in your community, signing up for the class, and streaming it so that you can all participate together. Participating in a Phoenix Community Challenge as a group is another fabulous (and virtual) opportunity.

Can I volunteer if I have a criminal record or pending charge?

It depends. We conduct background checks to uphold a healing culture of physical and emotional safety. We review each background carefully, giving consideration to a variety of factors and decisions are made on a case by case basis. If you have a pending and/or recent charge in the last 6 months, it is best to wait until the charge is finalized. If your past charges are violent or sexual in nature, or include children, it is best that a minimum of three years have passed since the incident(s). If you prefer to discuss our background check process with a Phoenix staff person before proceeding, please reach out to VolunteerSupport@thephoenix.org.